Storing False Lashes for Maximum Longevity

False lashes are the perfect way to add glamour and drama to a look. Whether you’re going for a natural, everyday style or something more dramatic for a special occasion, proper storage is key for keeping your lashes looking their best. By taking the time to properly store and care for your false lashes, you’ll get more use out of them – plus, they’ll look better and last longer.

No one likes a dead beat lash! So, let me show you how to keep ’em alive with the right supplies and easy steps. That way, when it comes time to apply your falsies, you can be sure they’ll look fabulous.

Supplies Needed

It’s time to get crafty – if you’re gonna store your dramatic false lashes properly, you gotta be prepared! Gather up a box or container with a lid, tweezers, and cotton swabs; these items will come in handy during your storing process. Keep in mind that the box or container should be well-sealed, as you don’t want any dust getting into it and compromising your lovely eye accessories.

Tweezers are essential, too – they’ll help you get rid of any excess glue that may be stuck on the lashes, which could make them harder to take off and use again. Additionally, the cotton swabs are important for cleaning the false lashes without causing damage to the delicate fibers. Lastly, make sure the container you choose is big enough to fit the length of the lashes – otherwise you might end up with a bit of a jam.

Step 1: Cleaning the Lashes

When it comes to cleaning false lashes, tweezers are your best friend. Before you get started, grab some tweezers and take a close look at the lashes. To remove any glue residue, carefully pinch off bits of glue with the tweezers. Then, dip a cotton swab into warm water mixed with a bit of soap. Gently brush away dirt and debris from the lash band and fibers, making sure all the nooks and crannies are free of gunk. Don’t forget to rinse off the suds too, otherwise they’ll leave behind a soapy film.

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Once you’ve cleaned them up, it’s time to let those lashes air-dry. Lay them on a clean, dry towel, then just sit back and let nature take its course. This can take some time, but it’s worth the wait! You don’t want to put ’em away before they’re completely dry, because that can compromise their shape.

Step 2: Letting the Lashes Dry

Now that your false lashes are all clean and shiny, it’s time to let ‘em dry. A good guideline for letting them dry is to lay them out on a nice, clean towel.

A close-up of a brightly colored and patterned false eyelash box.

Try to find a spot that has low humidity and natural air circulation – so think outdoors rather than in your bathroom. This will ensure no moisture gets trapped between your lashes.

I’m sure you’re tempted to speed up the process with a blowdryer, but don’t be too hasty! Blowdrying your lashes could cause them to lose their original shape, so resist the urge and just let ‘em air-dry like nature intended.

And whatever you do, don’t forget to not skimp on this step. If the lashes aren’t 100% dry before you store them, they could end up going mouldy or losing quality down the line. So make sure you give ‘em plenty of time, even if it feels like forever.

Storing the Lashes

Now that your lashes are pieced back together and squeaky clean, it’s time to stow ’em safely away. If you still have the original packaging for your falsies, great – if not, no sweat – just grab a box or container with a lid to ensure they stay dust-free when you’re not using them.

Once you’ve got your storage system squared away, make sure you stash your lashes in a cool and dry spot. Heat and moisture can cause the glue to gooey up, making them virtually unusable. And who wants to deal with that? Nobody. So stick ’em somewhere out of direct sunlight, and voila! Your falsies will be ready to rock next time you want to glam up.

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It’s easy to neglect the little things, but when it comes to false eyelashes, proper storage is key. Taking the extra time to store your falsies correctly makes a world of difference. Not only will your lashes stay fresher, longer, but you’ll be able to easily find what you need when you’re headed out for a special occasion.

By following these three simple steps – cleaning, drying, and storing – you can get the most out of your lashes and make sure they look fabulous each and every time. So go ahead, show those falsies some love ’cause good care means long-lasting glam!

FAQs on False Lashes

How do you store reuse eyelashes?

Storing your false lashes correctly is key to getting the most out of them. As someone who reuses their eyelashes, here’s my simple advice on how to make sure they last.

First off, don’t just leave them in the box they came in – the more airtight you can keep them, the better. Carefully remove them from your eyes and place them in an airtight case or bag so they don’t dry out or get damaged.

Next, use a clean, soft brush to carefully remove any excess glue or makeup from the lashes. Once they’re clean, add a few drops of saline solution to a cotton ball and gently press it against the lash band. This will help keep the lash band flexible so they won’t become brittle over time.

Last but not least, store your lashes on a flat surface and make sure they’re not clumped up or tangled. This will help them keep their shape and make reapplication a breeze next time around.

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Follow these simple steps and your false lashes will look good as new, even after a few wears.

How do you remove glue from eyelashes to reuse?

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but the best way to remove glue from false eyelashes to reuse is a bit of patience, elbow grease, and some good ol’ fashioned know-how. First, give those lashes a good soak in some warm water for a few minutes. Then, you’ll want to work gently with tweezers to pull away the glue. Make sure not to tug too hard, or else you’ll risk over-stretching the lashes and causing damage. Once you’ve removed the glue, give the lashes a good comb to help them maintain their shape. Finally, store them in a clean case to keep them safe and ready for reuse.

What is the shelf life of false lashes?

Man, storing false lashes can be a real head-scratcher! You’ve gotta make sure you keep ’em in the best shape possible, or else you might as well be flushing your hard-earned money down the drain. To answer your question, the shelf life of most false lashes is about 3-4 weeks.

But here’s the deal – if you want your falsies to stay in tip-top shape and last longer, you need to take extra special care of ’em. First off, you should always store them in their original box, so they stay clean and protected. Also, make sure to use a good lash primer before applying them, so they don’t get damaged. Finally, gently wash them with a mild soap and water after each wear so they don’t pick up dirt and oils.

By following these pro tips, you can keep your false lashes looking fly for longer!

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